Prescription Refills

Please call the office during routine business hours for all prescription refills. Some medications require an office visit in order to be refilled. We will let you know if your child needs to be seen. Please allow 24 hours to complete your refill request. Emergency refills (eg: asthma rescue medication) will be handled promptly, including after hours, but please try not to let refills become an emergency.

Please have the following information available when you call: child’s name, date of birth, name, strength and dosing of medication, the pharmacy name and phone number, and a callback number.

We are happy to offer electronic prescribing for safe and efficient medication ordering during office visits and for most refills. Please provide your pharmacy of choice when you call for your child’s prescription. Please note that any prescriptions for controlled medications, including all ADHD stimulant medications, must be picked up in the office and filled within 7 days of the original Rx date.