Telemedicine Information

Telemedicine appointments can be scheduled by calling the office. Several insurances including Highmark of Delaware, Aetna and Cigna are waiving co-pays and out-of-pocket deductible payments (“member cost sharing”) for Telemedicine visits due to the pandemic. Check with your insurance for details.

Concerns that are very amenable to telemedicine encounters include:

There are other symptoms that we can assist you with over telemedicine so we welcome you to call our office for an appointment. The children seem to really enjoy having telemedicine visits as well!

If you have spoken to our front desk staff and have an appointment with a doctor for telemedicine, please follow these steps. It is helpful if you are prepared with a flashlight, a thermometer, a recent weight of your child, and are in a quiet, well lit location that has good WiFi. Take clear photos of any rashes on your child before the telemedicine visit using your smart device. You can share clear photos of a rash or skin lesion with us during the telemedicine visit if they are on your device.

Step 1: Please log into the patient portal, click on “MESSAGES” in the top toolbar. You must reply to the message asking for consent to telemedicine by replying with the words “I consent”.

Step 2: Before the visit: if you are using your smartphone or tablet, please go into SETTINGS ~ choose the BROWSER you will use ~ then choose “ALLOW” for both the CAMERA and MICROPHONE in the browser settings. You may need to restart your browser for the updates to take place. If you are on a camera-equipped laptop or a computer with a webcam please do the same, but in general this will pop up as a prompt. For Apple devices we have experienced the best results with the Safari web browser.

Step 3: Click this link to enter our Telemedicine waiting room, choose the doctor you have an appointment with, enter your child’s name and we will be with you shortly.

Make sure that your current email address is updated with the front desk in preparation for future telemedicine needs. Thank you.