9/5/14 Flu Vaccine Information

Hello families! It's that time of year again - time to vaccinate our children to prevent the influenza virus! The CDC and AAP strongly recommend annual influenza vaccination for all children aged 6 months and over, as well as for all adults*. This year's vaccine is again covering 4 strains instead of only 3, which is great! Eligible children age 2 and older can get the Flumist in lieu of a shot. Previously unvaccinated children under age 8 will need 2 doses one month apart.

Opening today at 1 PM 3/3/2014

As it appears the snow has stopped and the major roads are open, we will plan to open both offices today at 1 PM. All patients with an afternoon appointment today may either keep their appointment or choose to cancel but please call ASAP if you are not coming or feel unsafe traveling today. Please be aware that if the Governor has not lifted the level 1 travel restriction you must use your own judgement traveling, but as of 10:30 both office intend to be open and available to see your children.

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